10 Ways to Save Your Skin from Winter

Did you know winter can do more damage to your skin than summer? The cold, dry air of winter is particularly harsh on skin. And it’s not just your face you have to protect. Check out these 10 ways to save your skin from winter for glowing skin for the holidays and beyond.

10 Ways to Save Your Skin from Winter
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10 Winter Hair Care Tips

Summertime can do a lot of damage to your hair but winter has its own hazards. Cold temperatures, static electricity and other winter conditions can damage your hair and leave it looking lifeless. But there are 10 winter hair care tips that can help you keep your hair looking shiny and beautiful even on the harshest winter days.

10 Winter Hair Care Tips to keep your hair beautiful all winter!


  1. Wash your hair only two or three times a week. I know you think this is a terrible idea but it prevents your hair from drying out. And always be sure your hair is completely dry before you go out in the cold. Not to prevent a cold but because the moisture left in your hair combined with the cold air will make your hair brittle and dry it even further than cold air alone.


  1. Avoid using excessively hot water when you shampoo. A hot shower in the winter may feel good but the heat dries your hair. You can also rinse with tepid or even cold water to help retain moisture and it makes your hair so shiny!

Don't damage your hair by using excessively hot water to shampoo!

  1. Deep conditioning is a winter must! Once a week treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment. This helps replenish the moisture sapped by dry heat indoors and the cold winter air outdoors. There are treatments that condition but don’t take a lot of time to use. Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Moisture Lock One Minute Mask is one such product. Keeping your hair conditioned will also help with fly-away hair caused by static electricity. And don’t forget to use fabric softener on everything you’ll pull over your head. This will also help prevent static.


  1. Use a humidifier in the house to minimize the drying effects of the heating system. In winter humidity that might cause your hair to get frizzy is balanced by the dry air you’re pumping in to stay warm.


  1. Avoid using blow dryers, curling irons or flat irons. They are always drying to hair but this is even more of a problem in winter. If you must use them try setting them to a lower temperature.

Blow drying can damage your hair especially in winter!

  1. Be careful when using clarifying products. Although they’re great at removing build up they remove the protective oil from your hair leaving it dry and brittle. Be sure to use a gentle clarifying shampoo when you do clarify in winter.


  1. Keep the use of products that build up in your hair to a minimum. You won’t have to clarify as often if you avoid creating a buildup in the first place. One way to get around using too much of the products that build up in your hair is to wear it in updo styles. This limits your hair’s exposure to the cold air and you won’t need to use so much of the drying styling products.


  1. Get regular trims during winter months. Every six to eight weeks have your stylist remove just a tiny bit from the ends. You won’t have dry, split ends that so often appear in the cold weather. And be careful how you brush. Hair that is drier and more brittle will break more easily so use a wide-tooth comb and use it gently.


  1. Steer clear of chemicals. Don’t perm or use peroxide-laden color in winter. Lowlight or highlights added to just a few strands will keep you looking great without damaging your hair. You can also try low peroxide or peroxide free color.

Avoid harsh chemicals on your hair especially in winter!

  1. Wear a hat. I know, I know. No one wants “hat hair” but keeping your hair safe from the elements is important. Try wrapping your hair in a silk scarf then putting on your hat. The scarf will cut down on static that gives you static flyaway and it also protects your hair from damage caused by the hat rubbing on your winter-delicate hair.

Wrapping hair in a silk scarf prevents damage from winter hats!






Summer Hair Care

Summer can be especially hard on your hair. Chlorine, bright sunshine, and other summer “hazards” can leave you with less than gorgeous tresses. But follow some simple steps for summer hair care and you can have fabulous hair all season long!

  1. Condition – Just like your body needs water in the hot weather, your hair needs moisture as well. Condition regularly and, if you use a dry shampoo, condition every couple of days to keep hair from drying out.
  1. Ditch the detergent – Even the gentlest surfactants (the ingredient that makes shampoo lather) can dry your scalp and hair. Try using products that use essential oils that clean along with a conditioner that moisturizes.
  1. Go low tech – Blow drying your hair and using curling irons or straighteners can cause a lot of damage. Summer is the perfect time to put your hair up in a loose bun, a ponytail, or braid. Healthy hair will look great even with a casual do.
  1. Use essential oils – Coconut oil is a great lotion for hair and it won’t weigh it down. Avocado oil not only helps your hair but is fabulous if your scalp got sunburned. Essential oils won’t build up on your hair either.
  1. Pull your hair up for bed – Knots and tangles can cause breakage. This is particularly true if your summer hair is dry. Before bed put your hair up in a loose bun to avoid the bed head tangles that break delicate hair.


  1. Protect your color – Sunlight and heat oxidize color making hair look fried. Use a keratin treatment to protect your color and leave hair looking and feeling soft and beautiful.
  1. Dust your hair – Dusting is a technique for trimming tiny amounts of the ends of your hair. The small amounts of hair resemble dust as they fall. Having your hairdresser dust your hair every few weeks keeps longer sections from needing to be cut due to split ends.
  1. Save your hair from chlorine – Don’t shampoo before hitting the pool. The natural oils will help protect your hair from the damaging effects of chlorine. After your day at the pool shampoo and condition.
  1. Air dry – Putting away your hair dryer for the summer is a good idea. Let your hair dry naturally in the air rather than using the high heat of a blow dryer.
  1. Brush, brush, brush – Brushing your hair stimulates blood flow in the scalp and the roots of your hair. Brushing hair often is the key to maintaining a healthy, beautiful head of hair. The longer your hair, the bigger the brush you need to use.

Beauty Tips For Women Over 50

Bette Davis once remarked, “Old age is no place for sissies.” She was so right! Getting older, especially in a youth-obsessed society like ours can be rough on women. Everyone expects women to stay young or at least look young until several days after their deaths. If they dug up a woman’s body a month after she died someone would probably make a comment about how she’d let herself go.

I admit I’m not a big “beauty” person. Even when I was young my idea of makeup was a little mascara and some Chapstick®. My husband, whom I suspect may be legally blind, often tells me I’m beautiful so I don’t feel any real pressure to wear makeup and fuss with my hair. I like to think of myself as a kind of “earth mother” type. It’s an excuse not to dye my hair and spend money on beauty products.


But lately I’ve been feeling that I should do something to improve my looks. Sure, I could lose 100 pounds and that would help but other things are so much faster and require less effort. With that in mind I’ve found some tips that may help all of us over 50 ladies.

The simplest ways to improve your looks is simply to get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, exercise, and eat healthy foods. You’ll be surprised at how much your skin and body will perk up at being treated with care.

Don’t think about how you looked 30 years ago. Those days are gone. Focus instead on your current beauty.

  • Whiten your teeth to make your smile look really healthy.
  • Pamper your hands and nails with a good manicure. Brittle cuticles aren’t pretty. Neutral nail color is always flattering and deeper tones look more youthful.
  • For your hair try getting gloss treatments. They’ll keep your hair shiny and lustrous.
  • Don’t wear heavy, floral scents. Go for something clean and fresh with a beachy scent.
  • Don’t be afraid to layer on moisturizer, especially if you’re tired.
  • Try a tinted moisturizer cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and brighten the look of your skin. And use more moisturizer and wear more color in the winter than in summer.
  • Skin tone and lip pigment both fade as you age so go for a more vibrant, but sheer, color for your cheeks and brighter shades for your lips.
  • Don’t use dark eye shadow. Use a light color on the lids and a medium taupe in the crease. Use a dark liner at both the upper and lower lash lines. Use enough eyeliner to be visible when your eyes are open. It also helps to raise the arch of your eyebrows.
  • Use cream blushers and blend it upwards and outwards toward your ears. Cover a larger surface than you did when you were a kid. Your cheeks drop as you get older so you want to use blusher to give them a lift. Pale pinks are good for those with grey or very fair hair and peach works best with dark hair and olive complexions.
  • Never test foundation on the back of your hand. This area ages more quickly and if it matches there it won’t be the right color for your face. Try blending a test patch at the back of your jaw and down your neck instead.
  • If you use a bronzer, get one in a matte finish. You don’t want to glitter and shimmer as this looks wrong on older faces. Bronzers can be fabulous on those lighter patches of skin under your eyes. This is a particular problem for those of us who wear glasses.
  • Lips tend to thin as we get older so choose a bright color and a matching lip liner to enlarge and enhance your natural lip line.
  • Accent your eyes by using a good eyeliner and pulling the eyebrow as high as you can. Move the pencil in a tiny circular motion where the lashes meet the lids staying on the outer half of the lids and working the color into the root and base of the lashes. This will add depth and open the look of the eyes. And apply mascara right to the root of the lashes. Use a cotton swab to soften and smudge the edges of eye liner. For an extra zing try using accents which are lash strips about ten lashes long. They’re easy to apply and very natural looking. Use them on the outer corners of your eyes.

Feeling beautiful is wonderful and it’s especially nice when you’re getting a little older. So get out there and do what makes you feel lovely!

What are your beauty tips for ladies over 50? I’d love to hear them!

Beauty Treatments You Can Make at Home

Spas can be insanely expensive but every woman wants to feel pampered from time to time. Try these beauty treatments you can make at home to make yourself look beautiful and feel fantastic!



*One caveat; always perform a patch test on skin before applying a new treatment all over.

Brown Sugar Olive Oil Body Scrub

  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 4 tbsp. honey
  • 2 tbsp. cinnamon

Use this as you would your usual body scrub in the shower.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

  • 1/2 cup of soybean oil
  • 8 drops of sandalwood oil
  • 8 drops of geranium oil
  • 8 drops of lavender oil

Mix the ingredients in a glass measuring cup until well combined.

Warm the contents in the microwave for about 25 seconds or until very warm but not too hot.

Dampen your hair but don’t get it soaking wet.

Paying special attention to the end of your hair, apply the hot oil evenly to damp hair.

Comb through with a wide-tooth comb and wrap hair in a hot towel for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes shampoo hair and rinse well. Don’t use conditioner after this treatment.


From Around The World –

Japanese Face Mask:

Soak a cupful of rice in warm water for 30 minutes

When the starch rises to the surface, strain to remove rice

Blend the rice water with rice flour to form a paste

Spread on clean face and leave for 10 minutes

Rinse with cool water

This absorbs oils and leaves your skin soft and younger looking.

Japanese Hair Gloss

Rub camellia oil on hair to give it amazing shine. The oil is full of protein which penetrates the hair follicle, adding body and gloss.

Italian Skin Treatment

  • 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
  • Juice and zest of one blood orange

Massage the paste on your face, neck, and chest and rinse with cool water. The citric acid in the orange exfoliates and the vitamin C helps plump up the skin. The olive oil is a natural emollient. This will leave your skin glowing!

Russian Body Smoother

Rub your moistened body with wet coffee grounds. Massage the grounds into skin to exfoliate and leave skin softer. The coffee can even help with minor skin irritations and the caffeine gives your skin a toned appearance.

Brazilian Skin Softener

Roast a variety of Brazilian nuts then crush them to draw out the oils. Apply warm oil to your skin or allow to cool to form a balm-like consistency. Nut oils are just loaded with moisturizing agents. They hydrate your skin and even promote healing. Brazilian women often use the softener on skin irritated by shaving or waxing.

Australian Tea-Tree Oil Blemish Treatment

Aborigines are known to have used tea tree oil for more than two centuries to treat skin infections. It is a natural astringent so it exfoliates and unclogs pores. Dab a little tea tree oil on blemishes or spread a bit on areas that have clogged pores.

Balinese Foot Soak

Layer smooth stones on the bottom of a large basin then fill the basin with warm water. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Soak feet for 30 minutes then rub with coconut oil. Eucalyptus oil is a topical pain reliever which, combined with the warm water, helps sooth sore, tired feet. Pressing feet gently on the flat stones is like a foot massage.



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