Luxuriously Lazy Day

Even when I swear I’m not going to do a thing all day I usually end up doing a lot. Mr. Comfortable has expressed his unhappiness with this because I only vow to take a day off when my pain level is quite high. If I push it too far I have to take time off because I can’t get out of bed. That ruins the whole idea of a day off since pain doesn’t make for a pleasant break. But I just enjoyed a luxuriously lazy day and it didn’t cost me my spoons!

Luxurious Lazy Day

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Do You Have Polycythemia Vera?

While it’s never pleasant to think you may have a serious disease it’s important that you find out early on. Some diseases are so subtle and asymptomatic you need tests to discover them. Polycythemia vera is considered a rare disease with about 2 in every 100,000 people having the disease. It usually develops slowly, and you might have it for years without knowing. Often the condition is found during a blood test done for another reason. Do you have Polycythemia Vera?

Polycythemia Vera

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Getting Back on Track

In early December I noticed I wasn’t feeling at all  like myself. I was ignoring chores and, worse, ignoring friends and even some family members. Nothing seemed to interest me and I felt just awful physically. Normally I’m so cheerful I have wondered if there was something wrong with me! I should have recognized the symptoms but, since I was already off-kilter, I didn’t. But I finally figured it out and I’ve started on the chores I’ve neglected for so long! Yesterday I spent part of the day cleaning my desk and computer desk. I’m finally getting back on track!

Getting Back on Track

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Winter Storm Preparedness

Here in Michigan we have an ice storm nearly every year. And every few years we get an ice storm that’s epic. We also have some impressive snow storms and periods of extremely cold weather. Mr. Comfortable and I were, we thought, well prepared for winter events until he was in the middle of his cancer treatments. The actual temperature was -15 degrees F and with the wind chill the cold was utterly bone chilling. Our furnace died on the first night of that cold snap. And that’s when I discovered that our winter storm preparedness plan needed some work!

Winter Storm Preparedness is smart!

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Flying in Formation

A fellow blogger, Nikki, from Flying Through Water wrote a great post on balanced health. As I read her post I was inspired to, once again, get myself on track. My weight has gotten totally out of hand. Between my medications (weight gain, increased appetite) and trying to put weight back on Mr. Comfortable I’ve gone off the rails. And while I was reading Nikki’s post I realized that when we inspire others we’re like geese flying in formation.

We can learn to help each other the way geese do!Image courtesy A Lean Journey

When I was a little girl I asked my daddy why geese fly in that V formation we’ve all seen. I thought it might have been because they can all see if they’re spread out like that. Daddy told me there’s a much more complex and wonderful reason.

As geese fly in formation they’re actually helping each other out. The birds in the rear are “drafting” off the ones further up in the formation. It’s conserving energy. National Geographic explains it this way

“As a bird flaps, a rotating vortex of air rolls off each of its wingtips. These vortices mean that the air immediately behind the bird gets constantly pushed downwards (downwash), and the air behind it and off to the sides gets pushed upwards (upwash). If another bird flies in either of these upwash zones, it gets free lift. It can save energy by mooching off the air flow created by its flock-mate.”

Geese help each other while flying Image courtesy

But it’s not really “mooching” because the geese will change their positions in the flock allowing other birds to take the more restful positions at the rear. Birds at the back have lower heart rates and flap their wings less. When they’re rested up they move forward. The birds that have been working harder move back.

So what does that have to do with living a more balanced, healthy life? Well, I realized that Nikki has taken the very point position in the formation. She’s the one who has already started the work. The rest of us can follow her lead. Then we can take the lead. We can research things that will help all of us and share that information.

As we fly along our route to better health we can spell each other and make things easier for each other. After all, if geese can do it we humans should be able to fly in formation!


Is a Service Dog Right for You?

For people with disabilities a service dog can mean the difference between dependence and restrictions and freedom. These remarkable dogs can perform an almost endless list of tasks to assist their partners. Because of the service dogs I’ve had over the past 16+ years I’ve been able to be active and enjoy many of the things I had been unable to do after my spinal cord injury. So is a service dog right for you?

Is a Service Dog Right for You?

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I meant this post to be about Service Dogs and what they can do for those of us who are disabled. The number of different types of Service Dogs that exist and they amazing work they do for us is information that everyone with a disability should know. But, as I started going through photographs of my previous Service Dog, I got really emotional. There’s little that brings me to tears but seeing those pictures had me crying. It was a bittersweet experience. So, this post is all about my incredible Service Dog, Houston.

My Service Dog Houston was amazing!

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Cooking When You’re in Pain

This began as a post on how I made Stu the Duck into Teriyaki Duck with garlic rice. But, as I began cooking I realized that the way I was cooking dinner was far more important than the recipe. For those of us with chronic pain or illness cooking can be a daunting task. But it’s also important to us to serve delicious food to our families. I’ve come up with some tricks I use for cooking when you’re in pain.

Teriyaki Duck with Garlic Rice

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