Memories of My Father

It doesn’t take Father’s Day for me to have memories of my father. I think about both of my parents daily. Although Daddy has been gone for 25 years now the things we did together are still fresh in my memory. He was an excellent father and the times we spent together are treasures I keep close.

Memories of my father

Daddy & Mama on their 50th wedding anniversary.
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World Frog Day

Everyone is all excited about today being the International Day of Happiness. When I woke up this morning I’d already been bombarded by posts on every social media platform about being happy. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for happiness. Happiness is a good thing and we should all strive to make others happy and be happy ourselves. But aren’t we forgetting something? Today is also (and more importantly) World Frog Day!

World Frog Day

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Throw a Great Last Minute New Year’s Eve Party

Not everyone plans parties weeks in advance. Sometimes you’re just sure you’re going to have a quiet evening at home when you suddenly decide you just have to host a party. There’s still time to pull together a shindig everyone will love with these tips on how to throw a great last minute New Year’s Eve Party!

Throw a Great Last Minute New Year's Eve Party!

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Christmas Etiquette

This will probably offend a great many people but if even a few take this advice to heart it will be worth it. For many people you know Christmas is not a time of joy. It is a time of sadness, loss, and loneliness. If you are enjoying the season please be aware that many are not and employ a little Christmas etiquette.

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10 Strange Christmas Traditions

Every family has its own Christmas traditions passed down from generation to generation. There are also traditions that countries, regions, states, and even towns cherish. But there are some traditions that some of us may consider strange. So, for your holiday enjoyment (or horror) here are 10 strange Christmas traditions!

10 Strange Christmas Traditions you've probably never heard about

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