Remington Steele

I decided, in the interest of fair play, to post a few pictures of my dogs. Well, fair play and because they’re out by the road protesting that they’re not getting any online attention. They feel upstaged by those ducks. Because he’s bigger and can knock me down if he doesn’t feel loved I’m starting with Remy whose full name is Remington Steele.

My Anatolian Shepherd, Remington

Yep. I’m one of those people who give dogs middle names. Middle names are what Pete, when he was tiny, used to call the “bad name.” And since dogs are often bad they need middle names!

Remington is not named after the old television show! We got him in Arkansas and, on the way home I saw a sign for a second-hand shop. The sign consisted mostly of a huge picture of an old Remington typewriter. I thought, “Hmm. Those typewriters were solid and tough and lasted forever. Good name!” And Steele is a family surname. And consequently,  he became Remington Steele.

Remington typewriters are not my dog Remington

Remy is a really sociable guy. He loved playing at the dog park (when it was still in existence) and never met a dog he didn’t like.

Remy at the park

Remy always had a thing for small dogs. He loves them! But he loved that big girl because she could keep up with him running!

Remy also loves watching t.v. and videos on the computer. I think he’s a closet nerd who would like to be able to hop online and start his own You Tube channel.

Remy loves prgrams about dogs!

Two of Remy’s favorite things to watch on t.v. are The Dog Whisperer and The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!

Remy fascinated by the fish

He recently figured out the ducks’ feeder fish are actually alive.

Remy prefers watching our ducks on video

Remy prefers watching the ducks on video. In the bathroom they splash him and he’s quite sure that could melt him!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Remy’s days. I’d love to hear about your dogs!





If You Love Dogs

Many of you know we have two dogs. Remy (who may someday be my new Service Dog) and Henry, our spare dog. Although Remy only occasionally helps me out and thinks his most important task is getting his bag of treats each evening and although Henry thinks his job is to sneak on the bed at night (with the help of his accomplice, Mr. C) I love them both like crazy. So anything about dogs catches my attention. If you love dogs as much as I do you’ll get a kick out of these!

If you love dogs you'll love these!

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A Conversation with Spoiled Ducks

In our continuing duckumentary (I know but I couldn’t help myself) series CCNN (Comfortable Coop News Network is proud to bring you the latest in the lives of Penguin and Spot. We will talk to them about how their lives have changed in the last couple of months in the CCNN Special “A Conversation with Spoiled Ducks.

Penguin & Spot are very spoiled ducks!

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I meant this post to be about Service Dogs and what they can do for those of us who are disabled. The number of different types of Service Dogs that exist and they amazing work they do for us is information that everyone with a disability should know. But, as I started going through photographs of my previous Service Dog, I got really emotional. There’s little that brings me to tears but seeing those pictures had me crying. It was a bittersweet experience. So, this post is all about my incredible Service Dog, Houston.

My Service Dog Houston was amazing!

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Mr. Comfortable and I are going to visit our older son and his family for Thanksgiving. We’re excited about it but Remy and Henry aren’t going to be thrilled. They’re staying home. Because Mr. C is retired and I’m a professional cripple the boys aren’t used to us being away for more than a few hours. This trip will be more than a day away. So I’m taking steps now to be sure they don’t suffer separation anxiety. If you’re going away for the holidays these tips for Separation Anxiety in Dogs may help your fur baby deal with it better.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs can be helped.

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A Different Kind of Birthday Party

A Different Kind of Birthday Party

We have two dogs; Remy, the dog who was supposed to be my new Service Dog (and that’s a story in itself) and Henry, our spare dog. If you have a dog or more than one you understand that dogs are not pets. Dogs are members of your family. They really do become our fur babies. And that’s how my husband, M, the dogs, and I came to attend a different kind of birthday party last weekend.


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Biddable & Non-biddable Dogs (or smart vs. dumb dogs)

Before I begin I want to make it clear that I love all dogs. Whether they’re big or small, obedient or less than impeccably trained, I love them. So don’t get upset and think I’m picking on your dog. I’d offer to steal your dog if I met him/her. I love dogs! But decades of training dogs, although I haven’t done it as much in the last ten years or so, made me aware of how little people know about the dogs they own and even less about dogs they think they want to own.

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A Little Known Danger for Dogs Called Foxtails

We all love to take our dogs for walks or watch them play in the yard or park. But there is a little known danger for dogs called foxtails. A foxtail is a spikelet or a spiked cluster of a grass that serves to disperse the seeds as a unit. Some grasses that produce a foxtail are themselves called “foxtail” or “spear grass.”

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