A Conversation with Spoiled Ducks

In our continuing duckumentary (I know but I couldn’t help myself) series CCNN (Comfortable Coop News Network is proud to bring you the latest in the lives of Penguin and Spot. We will talk to them about how their lives have changed in the last couple of months in the CCNN Special “A Conversation with Spoiled Ducks.

Penguin & Spot are very spoiled ducks!

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Life with Ducks

Since we brought Penguin and Spot (and the rather unfortunate but delicious Stu) home from Indiana it’s been frustrating and fun. People are still flabbergasted that we have these two ducks living in a tub. Mr. Comfortable recently mentioned how it’s going to be strange when they move outside. He’s going to have to get used to it. They will be moving as soon as it’s safe for them! In the meantime, enjoy these pictures and videos of our life with ducks!

Life with ducks is fun and frustrating!

Since we first began living with Ducks in the tub I’ve learned a lot. I want to be sure these two ducks and any more that come along are healthy and happy. And it’s been more than just online research that’s taught me things about our ducks. They’ve shown me their personalities, quirks, and likes and dislikes!

I’ve discovered that these two are treat hogs! They have feed that is perfect for their age and where they’re living right now. But they can pick out treats added to their feed in a heartbeat! Throw in some canned corn, parsley, or even broken up dog treats (yes, they can have those occasionally) and the feed stays in the dish but the treats disappear! This means I have to stop Mr. C (a.k.a. Duck Daddy) from giving them treats the way he tries to dispense them to the dogs! These ducks would weigh 800 unhealthy pounds!

Penguin will take treats from my hand but Spot is still quite shy!

Sometimes I add water to the feed since ducks need lots of water to get the food down anyway. And they make a funny noise when there’s a lot of water in the dish so I get a kick out of it.

Part of life with ducks in the house is that every day the ducks get to swim in the tub. We try to put a reasonable amount of water in but sometimes we forget and the ducks get a deeper pool! We were just a couple of minutes from disaster that night!

Our two ducks love swimming in the tub!

They do love their swim times and they have fresh, clean water for it every evening. It’s going to be tough to explain to Mr. C that, when they’re living in their log cabin, they don’t need a regulation size pool!

The ducks have a toy, so to speak, that they absolutely love! It’s just a couple of rubber bands tied together that they can tug. They’ll take turns pulling on it! Perhaps it makes them think of worms. I got the idea from a duck raising website the name of which I cannot remember. I wish I did. They sell duck diapers and I’d like to find out the prices. It would nice for the ducks to be able to wander around the house a bit.

A very simple toy that ducks love!

They also love knocking on the side of the tub with their bills. They’re actually getting bits of down that they shake off themselves. I’ve learned that ducks will eat anything! They eat their own feathers, the down, and anything else they can get their greedy little bills on! I’ve become an expert at snatching feathers and other things up before they can pounce!

Of course the bathroom is always a mess and both Mr. C and I find ourselves going to the guest bath in the middle of the night. We’re trying to avoid disturbing the ducks! But I’ve allowed myself to become quite attached to Penguin and Spot and I’m glad they didn’t end up in the freezer…like Stu…and their future offspring.

Quarters for the ducks are a bit tight right now but in the spring they’ll have their log cabin and a tractor so they can forage and wander. For now, they seem pretty happy in the tub! It’s been interesting living our life with ducks!