Two Week Meal Plan

Meal planning is something I’ve done for decades. I don’t feel right if I don’t have at least a week of meals planned in advance. But I’ve learned not to restrict myself as to what day I serve which meal. Things don’t always work out for certain meals. Over the years I’ve discovered making a plan for a longer period gives me more flexibility for days when I don’t feel well or something exciting comes up to take me away from the kitchen. To give myself room for the unexpected I like to make a two week meal plan.

Two week meal plan

Before I get into the meal plan I wanted to show you the fantastic coffee mug Pete & Andi brought home for me! They took the girls to Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, Ohio and I now have a coffee mug that holds a real cup of coffee!

I’m already into this two week meal plan and I’m really glad I had set it up before the latest migraine hit! And it emphasized the reason I am not strict about which meals I serve on particular days. Instead of trying to drag myself to the kitchen because it was Thursday and I’d locked myself into making Crab Stuffed Flounder I had given myself a lot of other options.

Two Week Meal Plan

Chicken Alfredo Stromboli (Pete made and brought over)

Beef enchiladas (Already prepared freezer meal)
Spanish rice

Bam’s Beef Chili with Cornbread Croutons (Already prepared freezer meal)

Hot Pepper Jelly Pork Steaks (Already prepared freezer meal)
Roasted potatoes
Roast carrots

Tuna Melts

Maple Dijon Chicken
Roasted red potatoes
Green beans

Shredded beef tacos
Mexican rice

Minestrone w/sausage soup
Crusty rolls

Chili & Honey chicken thighs
Potato salad

Saturday (Family dinner)
Sweet & Savory Pork Sandwiches
Orange Condensed Milk Cake

Crab Stuffed Flounder
Creamed red potatoes

Cheddar Mac and cheese

Steaks w/whiskey cream sauce
Twice baked potatoes
Broccoli & cheese

There are a lot of reasons to make a two week meal plan!

Another reason I like making a two week meal plan is that it gives me plenty of time to make additional freezer meals before I run out. In my case I want to have a lot of freezer meals made because my health may prevent me from spending time in the kitchen. You may be busy with kids, work, or any of the other things that make cooking from scratch difficult some days.

A two week meal plan allows me to be flexible, have a variety of meals I’ve prepared at home, and keep us from wasting money on takeout. If you’re already meal planning consider expanding to create a two week meal plan. I think you’ll love it!


Two week calendar via: great-printable-calendars



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