What Today was Supposed to be Like

The weekend didn’t go as I had planned. And because the weekend didn’t go as planned today isn’t going to either. What today was supposed to be like is going to be a little more rushed or a little more laid back. I haven’t decided. After all, it’s not quite 6 a.m. and I’ve only had one (massive) cup of coffee!

What Today was Supposed to be Like

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Menopause and Why You Should Avoid It

When I was just a kid I couldn’t wait to “become a woman” and that meant having my period. For me the idea of being in the same club as my older sister and my mother (who actually was going into menopause as I was eagerly awaiting my first period) seemed like the most wonderful thing ever! Then I had a period and, although I’d been prepared by my mother for the big event, it scared the hell out of me. No one could have readied me for the cramps I experienced! All through high school I’d faint, vomit, and wonder why I ever wanted this horrible curse. And throughout my entire adult life I continued to have horrible cramps.

By the time I was in my thirties I couldn’t wait for menopause.

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