Update on my Goals and Challenges

Back in March I wrote that, instead of making New Year’s resolutions I was setting goals and challenges for myself. Things are moving slowly but I’ve been making some progress. This is the first update on my goals and challenges. And you may find some recipes or other things that you can use along the way!

Update on my Goals and Challenges

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Learning to Sew with Eileen

It seems as if it took me forever to schedule a day with Eileen so she could start teaching me to sew. This was entirely my fault. I started doing other things and kept forgetting to call her to arrange my lesson. She finally gave up waiting for me and told me she’d be uptown having lunch with Pete & Andi’s youngest daughter and she could come by right after. I jumped at the chance! Eileen can sew anything! And learning to sew with Eileen would be fun!

Learning to Sew with Eileen

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Learning to Sew Part IV

Since getting my sewing machine I’ve been dying to use it! There was the delay because I had to buy the oil for it and losing Eileen (my tutor) and it was making me crazy! I wanted to actually accomplish something! So, for Learning to Sew Part IV I decided to fix a pair of jeans. It did not go as well as I’d hoped but I learned things!

Learning to sew is an adventure!

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Learning to Sew Part III

I’ve been so excited since my sewing machine arrived that it’s been hard to sleep. Seriously. I’ve been that excited about learning to sew! My tutor was supposed to come on Friday to show me how to get started but there was a glitch so Learning to Sew Part III got pushed back

Learning to sew is a useful skill

The sewing machine has to be oiled before you use it. Unfortunately, the machine doesn’t come with the oil and there are no fabric stores or anything like that near here. Even our Walmart doesn’t carry it! But I discovered that, while our Walmart takes nearly a week to get the oil in the one in the next town could get it the same day! Woo hoo!

Of course by the time it actually arrived and Mr. Comfortable drove the almost 20 miles (one way) to get pick it up it was too late to start doing anything. I didn’t want to do it when I was over tired and likely to mess things up. Since I hadn’t slept at all Thursday night (I was really excited) trying to follow the written instructions for the sewing machine was about 3,000 brain cells more than I had at the time.

But today, with Mr. Comfortable’s help, I managed to oil the sewing machine! We discovered that they screw the face plate on as though they’re trying to keep hordes of Huns from getting inside. I ended up holding the sewing machine down while Mr. C worked on getting the screw out. Apparently it takes the screwdriver that comes with the machine and a lot of cussing.

Learning to Sew can be fun and frustrating!

The person who gave me my sewing machine mentioned that You Tube is a great source for instructional videos. I’m really grateful she did mention it because I forgot all about You Tube and that you can find everything on the internet! My tutor had plans for the afternoon and isn’t available until late next week. I wasn’t sure I could hold out!

Learning to sew can take a while

I went to You Tube and found a video for my machine that shows how to wind the bobbin and thread the machine. The instruction manual has the directions for this but it was apparently written by someone for whom English is not the first language and the pictures are meant for people with the vision of an eagle!

The You Tube video was perfect! I managed to wind a bobbin full of thread and thread the sewing machine! Unfortunately I was so excited about trying to do these things that I forgot to take pictures of the steps. I promise I will get some photos on the next bobbin!

Learning to sew means winding a bobbin

Since I’d successfully wound the bobbin and threaded the sewing machine I had to try a practice run! I pulled out a shirt that should have been tossed a couple of years ago and ran it through.

Learning to sew my first stitches

Obviously there are some issues with the stitches. I’m not sure if it was the material which is pretty stretchy, the threading, or something else. I don’t even care! The point is I oiled the sewing machine (with help), wound a bobbin and threaded the machine (all by myself!), and sewed a bit of fabric!

My first stitches while learning to sew aren't great

It’s not perfect and, at first, I was disappointed. I had this fleeting image of me doing a practice stitch then sewing a Scarlett O’Hara green dress from the curtains right after.

I thought my first attempt at sewing would result in this!

Photo courtesy MGM Studios

The reality is that I am barely at baby steps so far. And that’s fine. I’m learning to sew and learning takes time. And I’m still really excited!




Learning to Sew Part II

Way back last May I wrote that I really need to learn to sew. I’ve been really afraid of sewing for a long time and the reasons are listed in Learning to Sew. This isn’t a fear of not being able to learn. It’s a real fear of injury which I explain in the post from May. But now I have no excuses because of the incredible generosity of someone who sent me *drum roll please* a sewing machine!

My beautiful new sewing machine!

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