Another Wedding Weekend

Just three weeks ago we celebrated Pete and Andi’s wedding and this past weekend our daughter, Jami married John! There wasn’t too much for me to do to get ready for this wedding. John’s mother wanted a catered brunch. The kids did get to have a barbecue in the evening, though. So it was another weekend wedding for the family and I’m worn out!

Another Wedding Weekend

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When It's Too Hot to Do Anything, Do These Things

Remember that Twilight Zone episode where the earth was supposed to have moved too close to the sun and everything and everyone was going to burn up? Yeah. That’s this summer. Where I live in Michigan we’re on track to beat the record for number of days over 90° by the end of the week. And, since humidity is always a huge factor here, it’s been difficult to do outdoor things. Other parts of the country have had it much worse!  So what can you do when it’s too hot to do anything? Do these things!

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Save Money on Entertainment

Summer is a great time to spend time with the family. There are so many entertainment options in the warm weather. But the cost of entertaining your brood may seem too high to really enjoy some events or places. These tips on how to save money on entertainment may help you have more fun this summer for less!


  • Matinee and discount theaters offer lower prices on movies. Matinees are priced lower than the more popular evening showings and discount theaters film less-than-new movies at great prices.
  • Check if your local theater offers lower prices as show times draw near. Some theaters discount tickets if you purchase right before the movie begins.


  • lets you find drive-ins near you. These venues often offer free admission to kids. You may have to drive a bit (so many drive-ins are now closed) but it can be worth it!
  • Avoid paying online ticket buying surcharges by purchasing tickets on site. Theaters, museums, aquariums and other venues often have lower-priced tickets if you buy them when you arrive.
  • Free concerts are offered in many cities. Just search online for “free concert” and plug in your zip code or city.
  • Throw a game night party. Board games are fun and hosting a party where both kids and adults can play a variety of board games is a great way to save money.
  • Invite friends to a potluck dinner. Have each guest bring a dish to pass and save on the cost of food. Combine the potluck with the game night and you have an evening of food and entertainment for very little money!
  • Go to a park. Parks are great places for families to picnic, play on the playground, and investigate nature. Most are free and even state parks can be affordable.
  • Attend street fairs and art shows. You can spend the day viewing the creations and spend nothing if you don’t buy. Pack a lunch for the family and enjoy people watching while you eat.
  • Camp in the backyard. Kids love camping and you don’t have to go anywhere to sleep out. Make S’mores and catch fireflies. Tell ghost stories and sing songs.
  • Invest in outdoor games. There are a lot of games meant to be played outdoors. Badminton, croquet, and bean bag toss games are fun options.
  • Go fishing. Many lakes and streams are open to the public for fishing and there’s no cost to use them. Just buy the necessary fishing licenses (usually only adults need them) and a couple of dozen worms and you can catch fish all day. Cheaper still, dig up your own worms.
  • Make crafts. There are craft ideas for nearly every age. Most are cheap and many are free. See my upcoming post on crafts for kids for ideas.

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